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What is Hygienic

Wall Cladding?

Hygienic wall cladding is a practical material for walls and surfaces in businesses where hygiene is vital, for example, hospitals, health care centres, commercial kitchens and more. It is durable and resistant to chemicals and bacteria, making it easier to clean than tiles or other materials. The materials we use come in a range of designs and colours to ensure they blend in perfectly with your work environment.

Hygienic wall cladding
Hygienic wall cladding service

Our Hygienic Wall

Cladding Service

At OSS Commercial Flooring Ltd, we offer a flexible and end-to-end approach when supplying and installing hygienic wall cladding to clients, ensuring we provide a successful yet suitable solution.

We only source materials from the highest quality suppliers such as Altro Whiterock, so not only is it a practical solution, it can be a decorative one too. By installing a Hygienic Wall Cladding solution, you’ll get an effective long-term solution with both high resilience and low maintenance.

Applications and Sectors

Where Hygienic Wall

Cladding is Used.

For a functional environment that prevents bacteria and mould growth, there are a range of applications and sectors where Hygienic Wall Cladding can be used.

In health-related industries or places exposed to germs and bacteria on a daily basis, hygienic wall cladding is of paramount importance. Many business premises require wall cladding, for example, in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, dentists and more.

More schools and academies are moving towards using wall cladding in their hallways, changing rooms and toilets; it is a very practical solution within an educational setting. It can also be used in food preparation industries to keep surfaces clean and maintain hygiene in factories, catering facilities, commercial kitchens and production lines.

Where hygienic wall cladding is used


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